Chickasaw NextGen Conference

Governor Bill Anoatubby

Chokma! We are excited to announce NextGen, a two-day conference that provides Chickasaws preparing to enter the workforce with an opportunity to connect with resources, network with industry leaders and grow career skills.

NextGen has grown out of our commitment to prepare Chickasaws for the future and provide career development and employment opportunities. The strength of our Nation is based on the hard work and talent of our people, and opportunities like NextGen ensure the future prosperity of our tribe.

We encourage our next generation of Chickasaws to take part in this unique forum and be inspired to thrive. We hope to see you there.

Bill Anoatubby, Governor
The Chickasaw Nation


with Chickasaw Nation programs and services.


with Chickasaw Nation leaders, business professionals and your peers.


your career

The Chickasaw NextGen conference will provide aspiring Chickasaw leaders with blueprints for a successful future. CONNECT to the culture of the Chickasaw Nation, its history and abundant resources. NETWORK with major employers, building an arsenal of professional contacts. GROW career readiness skills through expert coaching and invaluable workshops. Be inspired to grow and thrive in the workforce and beyond.

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